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Citizens who are actively involved in government absolutely improve their communities. Often, legislation is driven by the concerns or needs of residents who are involved in the legislative process. These men, women, and even sometimes children, share their personal experiences and problems with us, and that information is used to better the Commonwealth.
HARRISBURG – House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) today sent to all House members a co-sponsorship memo for a three-bill government reform legislative package. The text of the memo from Reed follows:
HARRISBURG – The Burrell Township Sewer Authority received approval for state funding totaling $11 million on Wednesday, according to Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana) and Sen. Don White (R-41).
HARRISBURG – Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana) today announced the awarding of $55,000 to Indiana County which was made available through the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Program (PHARE) to help eligible county residents with home improvements.
HARRISBURG – Following an investigation of allegations against Rep. Nick Miccarelli (R-Delaware), conducted as part of the long-standing caucus harassment procedures, House Republican leaders today ordered a copy of the investigative report and related files be sent to the Dauphin County district attorney for his review.
HARRISBURG – House Republican leaders reacted to the governor’s call to increase state spending by $1 billion for fiscal year 2018-19. The governor presented his $33 billion spending proposal today in front of a joint session of the General Assembly.
HARRISBURG – More than $277,000 in funding is being awarded to 22 Indiana County fire and ambulance organizations through the 2017-18 Pennsylvania Fire Company and Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program, according to Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana) and Sen. Don White (R-41).
House State Government Committee gives go-ahead to House Bill 153
A significant state grant will promote local environmental education activities while providing an expansion opportunity for a major Indiana County employer, according to Senator Don White and Representative Dave Reed.
HARRISBURG – Once again, standing up for taxpayers, the House this week approved historic legislation to change budget-making in Harrisburg by bringing integrity, transparency and spending limits to the state budget and budget process, according to the House Republican leadership team.
HARRISBURG – Legislation sponsored by Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana), which would name a bridge in honor of a Vietnam War veteran from Indiana County, this week was unanimously approved by the House of Representatives.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana) and Sen. Don White (R-41) today announced almost $91,000 in Safe Schools Grants have been awarded to four Indiana County school districts by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
Legislation to help those truly in need, prevent waste, pave pathway to prosperity
WHAT: Legislators will call on Gov. Tom Wolf to sign House Bill 59, the Human Services Code. Entitlement spending is consistently a main cost driver, and until these costs are brought under control, Pennsylvania will continue to face significant budget challenges. Contrary to claims by spending advocates, the Human Services Code passed by the General Assembly includes reasonable reforms to the state’s welfare system, and Republicans believe it is in the best interest of Pennsylvanians for it to become law.
INDIANA – Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana) today announced that his office is teaming up with Rite Aid Pharmacy to offer a flu shot clinic in Blairsville. The clinic will take place on Wednesday, October 11, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Reed’s district office located at 122 East Market Street.